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I just bought an out of print DVD of this title for my wife, and we watched it this past weekend. Needless to say she loved it, and she gasped out loud at the "surprise" after the end credits.

We spent a lot of time comparing the film (screenplay by Chris Columbus) to Chris Columbus' *other* little film about intrigue, mystery, and danger at a British school, one Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Someone should ask JK Rowling if she's seen YSH, because the similarities are a bit striking at times. When Columbus was announced as director for HP 1, I thought he was a perfect choice based on Holmes.
...Admit it, when the Snotty Classmate becomes the victim of young Sherlock's chemistry-class experiment, anyone else today find themselves thinking "Draco Malfoy"?

It's not great Holmes, due to x-prod. Spielberg's own self-cribbing 80's preoccupations giving us Temple of Doom cults and fancy CGI fx, but Nicholas Rowe is one of the great Holmeses, period.

(And the only reason I'm posting this in a Photoshop fan-w*nk thread that should otherwise belong in the Wish List forum is that, unlike the Goonies, an SD print of YSH has been sighted on Playstation Network...
No HD print yet, but at least we know that Paramount still wants to test the movie's demographic appeal as the years go by.)

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