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I find it really sad when stores like Queen Video shut down. They were pretty much the last good video store in the GTA area. Now it's collection will be lost. Unlike netflix the is hardly any place online where can see all these movies in one spot.

Personally, i'm not a big fan of Netflix because it's movie selection is pretty poor. (I find there are too many crime documentaries and not enough good films.) I'm hoping someone like Disney+ changes this by opening up their vaults and putting all their movies online in one spot.

Video stores really filled a niches, but it makes me concern about the preservation of Movies in our society if there is no place that people can go to see these old films or at least borrow them. Hopefully in the future, this changes online and someone creates the equivalent of Itunes / spotify but for movies online. Aside from who owns the copyrights to these films and data sizes of movies, the accessibility of movies for future generations to watch is important for the progression of it as an art form.

There are so many great old films that future generations might not see. Queen video and Suspect video really filled that void. It's a shame.

Check out the video clip below
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