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Of course this is what the studios always wanted. They never wanted to embrace physical media whether it be VHS, DVD, or Blu-ray.

Today, technology has finally caught up to allow them to retain the movie and at the same time charge the viewer on a per-view basis with ongoing revenue. Now that streaming has been accepted, and 4K has failed, I don't think we will see another new physical format, ever. It was always a means to an end.

They've allowed companies like Netflix to break into the public eye and get adopters on board. Now, that Netflix has become the behemoth it has, it is time to pull all those horses back into their own stables.

Disney+ has everything going for it now and other studios will surely follow.

There are also other streaming channels from Criterion and the like that will serve the niche markets that Queen Video used to serve.

While it is sad to see them go, I'm curious how many of you here actually rented at Queen Video when it was around. Sure, it is sad to see a video store close, but how many of you actually supported them? I would guess not many and that most of you/us have moved to purchasing our titles anyway.

I'm not in Toronto, but even if I was, I don't think I would be renting from Queen Video despite being a physical media supporter. I just have too many of my own movies to watch and my tastes vary from old movies to new movies.

Stores like Queen Video really need the casual movie viewer who would be happy to rent and then return the movie after a few days. These last few years, I have moved into archival mode and am more building a video library than anything.
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