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Originally Posted by aardvark77 View Post
I just received 20 blus and I was charged on value for duty of 129 Lbs ($172.67
$10.36 for duty @6% (should have been 7%)
$9.15 for GST
$5.00 Handling fee
total $197.18 for 20 discs or averaging $9.86 each without shipping, with shipping of $29.34 works out to $11.33 each

Amazon Canada prices
14 blu-rays $352.99 or $25.21 each free shipping plus GST 5% $26.47 each
6 blu-rays not available in Canada, if assuming the same average price would work out to $529.49 so in theory I saved $302.97

Or enough for another 30 blus from Amazon UK
Just goes to show how ****ing ridiculous prices are for blu-rays in Canada. This is utter bullshit. I mean how the hell does it cost me significantly less to import a boxset of blus from the UK compared to picking it up from a local retail store. This is madness!
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