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I think it's just the network covering their backside (especially with the parents rights people on the warpath). The nudity ends up being more suggestive than blatant, letting the audience fill in the nudity when there is none. It sure doesn't help matters with Archer bare a**ed naked with nothing but a shaving caddy covering his "wedding tackle". A new meaning for razor burn comes to mind. Or
[Show spoiler]Anka flashing her breasts every chance she sees Archer

The first season DVD had no more nudity than the original broadcast, but the language seemed to be completely uncensored.

i still wouldn't advise anyone to look directly at the next to last scene with
[Show spoiler]Mallory, Pam, and the german naked in the same bed together
. Talk about scarred for life.

Btw, the next episode, "A Going Concern", looks like it was originally supposed to be the first of this season. Network screwing with the order, again!

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