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Well, another crazy episode has come and gone, so I thought I'd share some highlights:

Krieger is not a doctor, in both the medical and scientific senses. It just makes what he does that much creepier.

Pam got deported from Jamaica. How does that happen? (it can't help that she hopes for a gang rape at the office)

Odin agent Barry talking suggestively to his 'oily' gun is one thing, but naked knee squats is just wrong.

Gillette is catty as usual. We also find out a little background on him.

We finally get to see Popeye the pimp.

The funniest moment comes from what Archer finds in his mothers' locked desk. I won't say what, but according to Gillette, it sounds like a jackhammer and must use 4 D cell batteries. ("That's no bumblebee. Is it black?")

Next week: Another paternity test for Archer. (Seriously. Wrap it up! And a candy wrapper doesn't work.) This time, from his favorite escort. (When they're dead, they're hookers!) It's up to ODIN to find out who's the baby-daddy. (Was Maury Povich busy?)

Until then, don't take breath strips (or anything) from Krieger. It's LSD.

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