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Originally Posted by slick1ru2 View Post
Don't forget that this coming Sat. is the 12 hours of Sebring. 20 cars are coming over from the International Le Mans Cup to race in this season opening American Le Mans Race. You want to see the Peugeot 908 in action? Here is your chance. Audi though has moved on to the R15 from the ones in the game. There is going to be almost 60 cars in several classes. Qualifying on Friday along with the entire race that starts Saturday morning will be on and I am sure you can find a website on the net where someone will be supplying that feed if you can't get it. On Sunday, ABC will have a short show with the highlights.

Corvette will be in a battle with Ford (2 GTs being raced by a team), Ferrari, BMW, Aston Martin, Jag, Porsche and even Lamborghini (A Gallardo 560-4) in the 2 GT classes.


My weekly races will be GT and Le Mans cars on Sat.. Stay tuned.

And although there isn't one for this year, here is a spotter's guide that is downloadable for last year's teams.
Yes please.

Highlights smilights. If I'm free I'll try and catch the live stream on I didn't know they were providing a stream, so thanks for bringing that to my attention.

And, if you don't mind, you might want to bring it back to my attention Friday hehe...I'm a forgetful person.

I forgot that Audi wasn't running the R18 in Sebring, only tested it there a month or so back along with the R15 (which I also saw referred to as the R15++ but the entry is officially under R15+...ha, whatever). I can't wait to see the R18 v. the 908 later this year though.

Here's a pic of the R18 and R15 at Sebring testing and a pic of the R10, R15 and R18:

[Show spoiler]
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