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Originally Posted by binarymelon View Post
Not sure how good of a deal this actually is but got this in an email yesterday.
Poster 'howwon' actually started a thread on this SDM promo a few days back. After reading that one, I asked about it at a local SDM. Cashier looked at me like I was from another planet and said she "didn't know anything about this as she usually works in cosmetics". I went back the next day with the printout info/pre-order form from the SDM site. Even the Assistant Manager had no idea what it was. At one point, I had about four employees standing around the manager and reading the printout as I was explaining to them (!) how the deal worked and what needed to be done with the paperwork etc.

The things we do to try and save a few bucks on blus.....ah well, they eventually understood and I did pre-order it for the $21.77 price (BD/DVD combo pack, according to the info on the SDM site....)
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