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Originally Posted by love4blu View Post
Now, if only I could get my hands on some good deals on blu-ray players. (I still do not understand why they are ridiculously more expensive here )
You can buy (selected) Blu-ray players through American site They have CDN pricing and include the CDN taxes and duty in the cost. The shipping is standard ground service, 5 - 13 days.

But only some players offer significant savings.

Here is an examples of cost savings, the downside is warranty is not valid in Canada because bought in US.

Panasonic BD30-K
e-cost $453 CDN, with taxes, shipping, duty and conversion - $560.38
Future Shop $599.99, with taxes - $683.99

Savings - $123.61

BTW the player was out of stock.

Sharp BD-HP20U
I tried to do the Sharp but e-cost said it was not cleared for international shipping.

The other players e-cost listed were older Samsung, Sony and Panasonic models and a Phillips player.
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