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Default Soundbar or HTIB?

So here is my conundrum ... I have a Panasonic TC-P65VT60 65-Inch in my bedroom. Bought it from Amazon on Black Friday. I love it. The speakers are OK but not good enough for me. Here is the kicker..

I have my gaming PC hooked up to it and my Apple TV. That's it. No cable box or BD player. I plan on buying a BD player eventually.

I have been looking at soundbars but anything decent is $300+ dollars on up to $600. That seems like a ton of money for a speaker bar. I wouldn't mind a nice Onkyo setup but for the same price but I think that might be excessive for a bedroom and I really don't have room for such a large receiver, the heat it produces and a need for all the connections.

What should I do in this instance? Hopefully you all can provide some good feedback. A friend mentioned the Energy soundbar for $299 on sale at BB now. I don't like the looks of it honestly. I was looking at the Panasonic 3.1 770 soundbar but Amazon reviews say it has a bad power system and will fail. I like the look of that system and how it would integrate with the tv. My friend said stay away from companies that don't do sound to begin with.

Ugh. HELP!?!
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