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Great pics, everyone!

Originally Posted by snobird View Post
I didn't see this till too late but thanks.

Awesome thread you have here, this should have been made a long time ago. I post all my pics of funko's/statues in the other thread but I'll def start posting those pics here. Very nice layout too.

How many Funko's you got? Once my 4 piece set comes in I'll be at 32, I plan to have a funko wall one day.

Kinda mixed around the house right now:

[Show spoiler]Bedroom:


I managed to order one Rocket. I loved the movie. Hot Topic also had the Frozen Anna and Headless Hershel exclusives on their website last week.

I just started collecting. I got a few Batmans and some Marvels. I'll post a pic soon. Still waiting on some pops.

I see you're a Walking Dead fan. Walmart has an exclusive black and white Daryl in stores only.

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