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Am on the road now, but while home recently, the last batch of the Remastered CDs arrived & I was able to listen to them all the way through.

Page did a remarkable job on these sets. They sound the Best you've Ever heard, & I found myself hearing things (subtle or maybe More) I'd never heard before. All of my listening was in my car where I have a really good audio setup; the speakers are really good & clear.

The only (minimal at best), negative is maybe the low-end. I "could" get an amp and/or subwoofer installed, but what Is there now is pretty damn good. Perfect? No. Close enough for me? Hell yea.

I've yet to listen to them thru my home system (specs below) but I'm sure they'd sound That much More amazing, & I have plans to do so when I have the time in the coming weeks.

So for anyone on the fence with these, I say BUY THEM ALL - NOW !!! They're NOT Expensive at all, & you can toss your old ones away (or keep them for prosperity/comparison listening)

I give these New releases a Perfect Rating
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