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I would have liked to see frame packed 3-D technology included in the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray specs, but the BDA decided not to. Perhaps if several native 4K 3-D movies are created in the future and if 3-D in the home becomes more popular, then maybe in the future a new 4K 3-D Blu-ray format could come out in 2020 (thatís a big maybe).

For now consumers should be happy with the fact that all the first generation 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players will play ones existing 1080P Blu-ray 3-D collection. 100% of the 4K flat panels on the market that use passive glasses offer 1080P quality for each eye when in the 3-D mode. An 8K flat panel would need to be developed to offer passive glasses 4K 3-D quality. Also 100% of the active glasses 4K flat panels on the market have no way of accepting a 4K 3-D signal since the existing HDMI specs do not accept 4K Ultra HD 3-D frame packed signals. Therefore when an active glasses 4K flat panel receives the 1080P MVC 3-D frame packed signal from a Blu-ray 3-D movie, the image is upscaled to simulated 4K quality.
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