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Originally Posted by Robert Zohn View Post
From what I know all three new 4K, Ultra HD BD players, Samsung, Philips and Panasonic support 3D, where the confusion comes in is that none, not even Panasonic's DMP-UB9800 support UHD 3D. But they all support FHD 3D, which is normal 1080p BD with 3D that we've had since 2006.

Hope this helps.

Originally Posted by elwaylite View Post
There is no UHD 3D support because it wasnt even in the UHD blu-ray spec.

Blu-ray 3D is all you gonna get for now, if ever. Many of the current UHD displays drop down to 1080p for 3D anyways.
Originally Posted by Opips3 View Post
Many people doesn't understand why that's not use 3D on 4K UltraHD disc.

Originally Posted by dvdmike View Post
There is no UHD 3d tho
Thanks gents, but I know that, which is why I posted my clarification of why or how some folks think only Panasonic's 4K UHD BD player supports 3D and the two others do not. They all have the same 3D support and it's strictly for the 1080p 3D BD, which is what we've been enjoying since 2006.

It seems that my post was not well written.

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