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Originally Posted by Gory View Post
Thank you Kinsella! I'm in a time crunch because I'm moving so the ones from Amazon are fine for now but I'll definitely look into that for the future.

Do you know a good place to get backing and plastic covers? The only ones I have are the few I've gotten from sellers at conventions. Once I'm settled I'll be framing some more posters and the others I would like to have in backers so it's easy to flip through and see. And show off.
If you want actual large sleeves, the ones I use when I set up at conventions are top loader semi-rigid sleeves. The ones I prefer are made by Ultra-Pro. The largest size they make are 29x43 inches so a standard original movie poster will fit and its clear on both sides. They come 10 per box but they can be expensive, somewhere around $100-$150 for a box of 10.

The feature an opening at the top, very similar to the baseball card style ones but only these are much larger. It would be great if they made them 28x42 as original movie posters are 27x40 or 27x41 for the older originals, but they don't so 29x43 has to suffice.
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