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Not sure if it would help but try searching '3d projectors' thru Amazon. I found a Elephas handheld, 1080p 3-D projector for $216. 4 pairs of active glasses can go for $67 or a single pair for $28. I've never used these products myself so they might suck but if you're on a tight budget and limited space, it could be a place to start. You could always return it for a refund if it's not what you're looking for. Just a suggestion.
I appreciate you trying to help, but my situation really doesn't have a solution for the foreseeable future. Even when I'm in a better financial situation, projectors won't work for me. The house I'm in has large windows on every wall on the top floor, those would require a massive investment in blackout curtains to even be viable. While the weird layout in the basement means that no space is available that would allow more than four feet from screen to chair.

It's really sad, I was playing it smart. Waiting for t.v.'s to develop, making the eventual purchase worth it. If life had set me up better I would have gotten the best 3D t.v. around in a 2016 LG OLED. No one has the ability to see the future however. I don't think even 3D haters thought it would go away that quickly. If I knew that I could have prioritized a t.v. over some of the other non essentials I was buying at the time. The Vizio 2014/15 passive t.v.'s were getting good reviews, in hindsight I would have been very happy with one of them. Oh well, I'm stuck in the long game now. I might as well be hopeful of the future.
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