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Originally Posted by roger semerad View Post
I've paid attention to your experience with that, I don't think it would be an improvement. I don't want to make it seem like my t.v. doesn't work more often than not. Worlds Away really is an outlier, most movies are okay. It's more like the 3D equivalent of watching an old analog broadcast with a bad antenna. Most of the time I'm seeing all the information, just with a kinda blurry image and some visual artifacts. Sometimes I even get a ghosting free image, it just doesn't happen often. The worst of it are usually only in selected scenes. House of Wax had the worst ghosting in the beginning in the wax museum. Very distracting, but I could at least still see all the various objects and where they were in space. The rest of the movie was much better, ghosting was there but I could more easily ignore it. Animated movies do pretty well, I think because the tend to not have strong contrast in the image. Black and white movie actually seem much better on average too, I guess because various shades of grey are easier for pixels to transition to than colors.

I'm definitely still capable of enjoying 3D movies. Before 2016 it didn't even bother me much. It's just that my love for 3D has progressively made me more unable to ignore it. I really want my experience to be better. So much so that it erodes my enjoyment of what I have. I often start looking through my movie collection to pick something to watch and constantly ask myself if it'd be worth it. Most of the time I end up just feeling like I'm not in the mood anymore. A prisoner of my own high standards.
Hi Roger,

I share your sentiments. I love 3D so much that having the imperfections you mention would be a major downer for me.

But I'm glad it's not a case of the set breaking down or the picture unwatchable. I thought it was getting to the point that you would have to give up on 3D, hence my suggestion about a converter so you would still have something.
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