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I was going to bring that up to, most women are slammed with a ton of messages on them dating sites/apps. If you have no photo on your profile, you'll have less of a chance to receive any response. I remember my wife telling me she was bombarded with a few dick picks as well before she met me. Honestly, I am happy I don't have to go through the games of dating again. In three plus years we have yet to even argue or fight with each other. A complete turnaround from my ex who could incite a drag out argument over me going out and grabbing something for dinner.

For those virgins on here, I know your situations make it harder for any woman to show any interest, but I have a friend getting married (actually to my college g/f) and he was in his late 30's when they started dating, never had a g/f and obviously was a virgin. There ARE success stories out there. I myself wanted to ditch my V card early and did it at 15, was horrible... gave it another shot with another gal soon after... horrible... didnt try again until I was 19 lol. There ARE success stories out there, you just have to help yourself some too, sitting around oogling over unattainable starlets isnt helping your cause. You have to love yourself first, flaws and all.
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