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Originally Posted by Markgway View Post
No, of course not. It just felt like one poster was being ganged up on because he dared to disagree.

I disagree with you about the colour of the skies in those caps, but that's OK, right?

In all other respects I think the Criterion looks better. But unless someone can say for sure that the film was meant to look teal, I'm going to assume something is awry.

It happens too many times that older films are remastered to a modern grading standard and wind up looking suspiciously different to the way they had before.

Teal and orange are pervasive today -- was that the case in the 60s and 70s?

I watched the remake of The Magnificent Seven yesterday and the image was so manipulated toward orange and teal it was ugly IMHO.

I can't be certain about many films, but I SERIOUSLY doubt, knowing studio's tendency to fudge old titles with new trendy practices (DNR & EE anyone?) that they wouldn't try to shoehorn the new two-tone Orange & Teal trend onto older films.

My closest friend is a professional DP, and when I show him some of these new teal-ized versions he does a double-take.
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