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Something to keep in mind for some perspective regarding WCG (wide color gamut) be it P3 or BT.2020 and next gen video. Do not expect a ‘wow’ knock-your-socks-off experience with all content encoded and displayed in a color gamut wider than Rec.709.

In other words, despite what those pretty colored CIE 1976 u′v′ chromaticity diagrams indicate that people enjoy posting on the internet to show how much bigger P3 is to Rec.709 or BT.2020 is to P3, fact of the matter is with *real life imagery/material* there will be little, if any, difference when directly comparing Rec.709 to a wider color gamut because life-like imagery doesn’t contain colors saturated enough to make a difference. You can see a dramatic difference though with using a wider color gamut for the rich colors used in animation and visual effects.

Just sayin….don’t expect your kids soccer match, weddings, family outings to the zoo, etc. that you shot in raw or log with your Red or Sony 4K movie camera to look any better if you have it color graded in Rec.709 or P3 by your local post house.
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