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Originally Posted by Richard Paul View Post
DCI P3 getting chosen for UHDTV would be a victory for the studios, since they wouldn't have to upgrade their equipment, but in my opinion it would be a defeat for consumers since the color space chosen for UHDTV will be used for decades...
Good point.

But, to give the ‘studio’ part of the system a little break, the engineering folk would really like to be able to have available pro (reference) monitors (not so important for consumer devices) capable of displaying the entire BT.2020 gamut for precision color grading and mastering. These have yet to be built.

You can decide for yourself whether or not that is a legitimate excuse.

For consumer devices, you could have a 4KBD spec that includes accepting data encoded into the wider B.T. 2020 specification but, essentially just display an *expanded/bright* rec.709 gamut until the technology advances in the consumer space for complete BT.2020 coverage.

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