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Originally Posted by gotmule View Post
It does make sense as your processor is now able to send information elsewhere that used to be directed to your center or front three. It is not always the "hey notice me" effects of something happening overhead that make a great Atmos track to me, but sometimes it is something simple such as how voices sound different based on the setting. When a scene takes place in a warehouse or a church, you actually hear the difference because multiple speakers are working together to reproduce the dialogue. Don't get me wrong, I still appreciate the "hey notice me" effects too.

By the way, are you aiming your new Polks or are they firing straight up?
First of all, how in the world did you know those were Polks??
Second of all, since my MLP is completely pushed against the back wall, and since I am not allowed to drill into walls/ceiling, placing the back surround speakers (Polks, yes lol) on isolation foam pads on top of each DVD shelf (shelves standing on each side of MLP) helped tremendously.
The two back surround speakers are facing up, turned slightly in clockwise, at a slight degree since the foam pads they are sitting on are designed with a tilt.
I feel that pointing those speakers upward-due to the nature of my room settings-creates a much neater and less 'chaotic' effect than if they stood upright facing front.

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