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Originally Posted by gotmule View Post
Very cool. A lot of great titles to go check out. Welcome to the world of Atmos!
For a few months I had front upfiring and did not like that. I was advised to go with front heights and did not like that either. However I was told that atmos effects should be very subtle and that probably I was expecting too much out of them.
Well, I guess I was not expecting too much since now I can hear clearly overhead effects not just in Atmos, but also in DTS-H Master when I apply Neural X.
I think it is a combination of placing the speakers at the right distance and height from my MLP (my MLP is smack flat against the back wall) that is now allowing the speakers to 'breath', shooting sound at a slight angle towards the ceiling.
This is teh configuration I used before running Audyssey calibration, with the difference that the side atmos speakers were placed on the DVD shelves rather than on top of the side surround speakers
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