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Originally Posted by TheOneWithThePrize View Post
Still, PQ-wise the transfer is really not good. That said, if you are really gung ho about getting it then has a single copy listed on their website for sale at 149 Danish Krone at the moment. Final price with VAT excluded and shipping added is shown during checkout. Their site isn't English-friendly though.
Thank you very much!

Yes, I'm absolutely certain I want to get it, regardless of PQ. Has to be at least as good as the old DVD from the 80s.

Looked at the site but really am lost as to how to proceed.
Do I need to register or where do I start? My wife and I really would appreciate your help and guidance. We're assuming that we can use a visa to pay.

If you think it's easier you can contact us directly at (even though we are in Canada!).

Thank you very much again!

(Just for the record and to answer those who may wonder what "Tembo" is, it is the label for singer Roger Whittaker.)
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