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Originally Posted by aaron158 View Post
any way for people from North amercia to order these i tired but don't seem like it would let me add any address from outside Europe.
I'm sure you can order these by using proxy services, that will receive the parcel for you and then forward it to your place.

I order quite a few from Nintendo Japan and it works out perfectly.

Of course you will need an additional Nintendo account with an address in Europe/Japan. I was able to create a Japanese one by importing a Wii U. Switch is region free, so I guess it should work directly to create one. You then have to also create a separate account for "My Nintendo".

Still it is quite silly that Nintendo US can't be bothered to offer these posters.
Even for Europe it's ridiculous. Europe only got around 6000 posters in total and it sold out within a few hours/days. In Japan these posters have been available for a year and they are still available.
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