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Hello, I'm from Singapore. Just bought my own 4k blu ray player recently thinking that I could start my own 4k collection... regretted it almost a week later. If you live in Singapore, you know why. Blu rays and especially 4k blu rays are dead in Singapore, as it turns out. Wish someone could've told me that before I spent that 400 bucks. Oh well.

Renting blu rays every night was another idea of mine. Unfortunately, while it is technically still possible to do that here, I feel like most of the last few movie rental shops here would probably remove the special features disc when renting out blu rays. This was what happened when I rented a bunch of 4k blu rays recently. I got so pissed that all the bonus features discs were removed. I might as well have been streaming Netflix if that's the case. These bonus features are one of the few things that distinguishes a streamed movie and a blu ray, and these retailers are giving me more reasons not to bother supporting the industry.

Good news is, blu rays and those very cool collector's editions are very much alive in the great nation of America, and of course, Amazon. It's expensive, and I can only afford to ship about 2-3 blu rays at a time (maybe less), but it's almost worth it. Almost. I've always been a rebellious spirit, especially when it comes to aspects of Singapore I don't like. If Singapore doesn't wish to import those very cool blu ray collections and make a loyal customer out of me, that's fine. Their loss. F*** the censorship board. I'll do anything to ensure I get what I want.

I'm thinking of buying a DVD player next if the money allows it, since my blu ray player only supports Region 3 DVDs. I wanna import those rare DVD TV series, particularly Disney or animated series like Lizzie McGuire, Fillmore or Recess. I don't know; just feeling nostalgic, I guess.

Regardless, my 4k UHD copy of Independence Day just arrived this Tuesday. It's a shame there's no collector's edition for the 4k version of the film. I'm almost tempted to buy the non-4k version of movies in the future just so I could get my hands on the collector's items, but I'll see what my budget allows me first. Truth be told though, between 1080p blu ray and native 4k blu ray, I'd rather own the one that displays the best image on my television.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you all. Hope there will be some blu ray collectors around that can advise me on cheaper alternatives to buying blu rays in Singapore.
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