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Default Looking for some 2 way 6.5" Components with decent low end

Ok so heres the deal, im ditching my sub because i find myself needing a trunk more and more these days but id still like to have some bass still. Ive been running my current components which are JL TR 6.5" on my Alpine 9835 which is about 26wrms. If i turn mediaxpander on (which i know is crap for SQ but i was just curious) they have some decent punch to them. So i was thinking if maybe i found a good set of components and amp'd them i could get some decent bass still.

My doors are completed covered in dynamat so no rattles or holes to worry about (i had a good deal on dynamat at the time so i did the whole car lol, but anyways...)

Still rocking the Alpine 9835 for the head unit. Just got to find a set (or 2) of 6.5" Components and a amp to go with.

Here is what i was thinking for a general idea

1. Get a real nice set of components for the front (~$400) and an amp and just run the fronts

2. Get a real nice set of components for the front (~$400) and move my JL TRs to the rear doors (same size) and amp all 4

3. Get a decent set of components for the front and rear doors and amp both (~$200 each pair)

I know have at least 2.75" of depth to work with, possibly more but i can confirm for now i have at least that.

RE AUDIO XXX 6.5" Came to mind but i wasnt sure and of course they are lots of other brands to consider. And then an amp which i have no clue on, ive been out of the loop for a while.

And last i know im not gonna get super awesome bass but ive heard some factory systems and while they sounded like crap in the SQ dept they had some decent output so im hoping i can at least do that

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