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Originally Posted by AZBrowncoat View Post
I don't think it is going to be that simple, Google may require a payment method of file that corresponds to an address located within that country.
I've heard sometimes during setup they ask you for such credit card info, I know they did for me when I created one of my US Google Play accounts directly on Play. However, I've also heard that if you make the Google account for that country first and then setting it up with Play after the info and phone bits, you can bypass the credit card info with adding another method like a GC corresponding to that country. The other main roadblock is having a proper address, as unlike Itunes you can't fub an addy for the countries account and they ask for your zip and phone when you make your first GP purchase (weather you paid via a CC or gift card).

I believe once after the account is made and a purchase is made, it won't ask you for any more info as they see it's been established. So one can remove the CC payment info (if one was entered) and change the phone # to whatever you like without issue after initial pains.

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