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Oh well.
Jsmith82..I wouldn't worry. The lack of response is just illustrating what a specialized activity doing conversions is and it takes quite a bit of research and training to do on top of having the initial interest in the first place.

When I was doing "House on Haunted Hill" I put out an ad to try to get some people to help me and to get inolved but that was pretty naive of me because it is such a specialized and laborious skill that most people wouldn't do that kind of work unless it was a paid job I'd imagine. You and I just happen to have a quite rare hobby that, generally speaking, not too many other people do. In my case I have stopped doing conversions altogether because I totally burned myself out doing COS and the 12 mins of HOHH.

Have you tried joining 3D conversion groups over at places like Yahoo or Flickr? There are a few over there that do photo conversions in anaglyph format.


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