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Originally Posted by Gae View Post
Jsmith82..I wouldn't worry. The lack of response is just illustrating what a specialized activity doing conversions is and it takes quite a bit of research and training to do on top of having the initial interest in the first place.

When I was doing "House on Haunted Hill" I put out an ad to try to get some people to help me and to get inolved but that was pretty naive of me because it is such a specialized and laborious skill that most people wouldn't do that kind of work unless it was a paid job I'd imagine. You and I just happen to have a quite rare hobby that, generally speaking, not too many other people do. In my case I have stopped doing conversions altogether because I totally burned myself out doing COS and the 12 mins of HOHH.

Have you tried joining 3D conversion groups over at places like Yahoo or Flickr? There are a few over there that do photo conversions in anaglyph format.

Hey stranger!

Yeah, good points. It's a shame, something like this could be fun. I've tried searching for a forum with dedicated sections to conversions but have not found a home, the one I tried to join has no movement at all outside the single mod who created it - could you link me to your suggestions (if you have time)?

I find it fascinating and a hell of a challenge, probably what keeps me coming back for more. Being able to take a 2d image, not just for movies, and properly convert it into 3d brings the past to life IMO. Photography maps the past, memories live on, 3d brings you into the picture. I've continued to work through my mapping process and try to better it overall, but I've also taken to cleaning up converted photography, running through with a fine tooth comb and cleaning out the stretched pieces of a converted image, painting converted backgrounds, etc.

Gae I remember a while back you were throwing in the conversion towel, have you picked back up since then or started anything new?
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