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Oh I feel it, my current conversion project has over 560 scenes (or breaks in the camera), the total frame breakout was over 65,000 jpgs . but I've learned you can not look at it like that, it's too overwhelming. Instead taking it in section by section and creating stages - the method that keeps me from madness so to speak .

I'll check out the link - thanks.
Are you converting a public domain film then? I'd be interested to know.

I agree, I was exactly the same, taking each scene one step at a time. The problem was that, in the end, although I did sell a few copies, it didn't really do as well as I'd naively hoped it would and it didn't open any doors for me. At the time I was hoping to either make a bit more money, or to get involved with some other official conversion of another movie, based on what I had achieved with COS. The call never came though and by the time I had finished COS, people were using NUKE or GIMP and using a much more advanced method for conversions...a method that I don't understand or have any experience with.

Dreams eh?


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