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Were you able to get a comparison of nit differences, if any at all, between the Japanese and US UHDs?

I knew I wasn't having a placebo effect when noticing the better color grade on the US release. At least as far as the better contrast goes.

It also feels like the HDR is noticeably brighter on the US disc.
Quite a few pages back I did a nit comparison between the two. The US disc is pumped up.

EDIT: To give some extra context to what it is we're looking at here. These are waveform monitors. They chart the luminance levels and give us reading on how many nits something might be pumping. Don't pay attention to the screenshots too much as they have to be downconverted to SDR, sRGB, yadda, yadda, yadda. The monitors on the sides are what you should be looking at, as they will give a correct reading of the HDR content.

Personally, I feel that Lionsgate went out of their way to make this look flashy, while the Bandai-Visual took a restrained approach trying to match what the film would have looked like in 1995. My preference is more to being faithful to way the film was, but feel free to disagree.

There are also scenes that are supposed to be Standard Definition(which mean SDR too) and they got pumped too.

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