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Originally Posted by frenchglen View Post
Um ok first of all 24-bit 96KHz sounds better than 24-bit 48KHz. I do agree that the bit size is more important than the sample rate, but as post #12 said, 24/192 is more faithful to analog sound. It's obvious. Putting differences between DSD and PCM aside, do you challenge SACD's resolution specs?

Regarding 192KHz being a meaningless sales point: there are many small independent companies who use 192KHz and their consumer audience is a discerning group of audiophiles who know all about it. They produce this 192KHz stuff because they believe in it. They don't make a mint out of it so it's pretty obvious why they do it.

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Recording Engineer & Producer... where we discuss the nuts and bolts of making records better, not just louder and cheaper. Assembled here you will find some of the brightest minds from the creative and scientific world of audio.

....please try to sell your point. Feel free to debate it.

"Recording Engineer & Producer"....I think these people know a little something about the audio industry...look at the credentials ....noobs they are not!

...but thanks for your oppinion...backed up by nothing.

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