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Originally Posted by dobyblue View Post
Blu-ray doesn't support 7.1 24/192 for any codec, so you'll never see that.
Bit depth is far more important than sampling rate for PCM. Professional studios nowadays have the ability to record up to 32/384.

There are 6 soundtracks that were not recorded to PCM at all, but rather are straight DSD recordings.

A lot of the music is recorded at 24/96 for scores, but because pretty much everything else is recorded at 24/48 (dialogue, gaffing, etc.) you're not likely to ever hear the original 24/96 recording unless it's releases on DVD-A.
actually lotr is on dvd-audio but it lacks the room to put it in 24/96, which is my whole point, it's only on 24/48 and lacks any extras which a true collector wants such as outtakes, alternate songs, song info, etc
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