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This thread is pretty old at this point, so you've likely already made up your mind one way or another, but I figured I'd throw my two cents in...

I've got the 42" version of this model. I didn't love it at first. In fact, I considered returning it. Not because the quality wasn't great - it's quite fantastic, but because I found the adjustment controls to be severely limited and I couldn't get the picture right for the life of me.

After about four and a half months, I've gotten it to where I'm comfortable after several calibrations and tinkering. It had a strange yellowish/green tint on nearly everything.

It also doesn't play nicely with other brand AV systems. My Sony HTiB just recently miraculously cured itself of a delay that had been nagging me for months. I have no idea how. I had given up and one day it was just gone.

Really, though, those are just isolated issues. I paid $599 for the 42" and I'm completely satisfied. Now that I've corrected my problems, I love it. I'm not sure it's quite worth the asking price at Best Buy right now, but I'm sure a sale will come around again.

And for the what it's worth, I think the 3D is fantastic as well.
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