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LFMG is an amazing '70's flick. Great time capsule of the era, and possibly Diane Keaton's best work. Amazing 'disco/rock/pop soundtrack as well. '70's NYC may as well have been another character in the film. The novel the film is based on is also worth checking out.

[Show spoiler]Having read the novel before seeing the film, I was glad that they kept the very downbeat ending in the movie....It was also worth noting that this story was based on actual events...

Unfortunately, I've only seen this once on a sub-par print several years back; it's unavailability makes it tough to track down.

I also suspect that part/all of the reason this film hasn't made it to DVD/Blu is because of the copyright(s) involving all of the music on the soundtrack. That seems to be the typical reason that many never-released older films are being held up from being available on current home video formats.

I would really like to see this released to DVD/Blu at some point in the near future. The Criterion Collection is the perfect label/venue, since IMHO LFMG is iconic enough to deserve inclusion here.

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