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Originally Posted by Petra_Kalbrain View Post
This, unfortunately. And given the prevalence of cell phones (more per household than computers/laptops these days), it will likely be cell companies tryiing to flaunt their 5G+ internet service packages as “all purpose.” And that scares the hell out of us here in Canada. The only 3 mobile companies are taking us to the f#cking cleaners just on cell phone service fees. A jump to include their internet as an an inclusive internet service would probably double or triple their rates!

As a point of reference, my wife and I pay $160/month for 2 lines with a shared 5GB/month data allowance.Yes, there are cheaper plans with different companies, but they all have terrible service (customer AND/OR technical). Also, not much cheaper to make up tyat difference in quality service.
Wow! That is shocking.

Here in the UK we have 4 main service providers; EE, Vodafone, 3 and o2. Then there are companies that piggyback off those networks; Tesco Mobile uses o2 Network for example, and Virgin piggyback off of EE network.

In terms of Data EE offer the widest coverage in the UK with the fastest 4G speeds. I can get upwards of 70Mbps down 20Mbps up in some locations.

Problem is that they offer tiny data caps on their contracts and they are expensive. For an iPhone XS for example you will pay £73 per month for 8gb data and unlimited calls and texts. £73 PER MONTH!


You could take out a 100gb data plan and pay £88pm.

It's extortionate, granted the cost of the phone is extortionate too.

I decided to go with a piggyback company and I pay £10pm SIM only for 5gb of data and that barely sees me through a month.

You can get a limited time deal with Virgin Mobile though for unlimited data for £25pm but that is just for the SIM card no phone included. Of course there are limits like throttling if you use too much. Which is useless for people who want to use it to stream Netflix etc.

So yeah, I could see not needing a physical router for the home in the future, the internet will just be all around you all the time wherever you are, but at what price?
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