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I hope the new Wolverine movie in 2013 is in 3D. He's great as Wolverine.

Originally Posted by Mrbrownst0ne View Post
i was hugely disappointed by the dracula in this movie. He was just such an over actor... i am such a huge fan of the character dracula thats why i am very judgemental when i see the character on tv. Hands down the greatest dracula performance i have ever seen is by gary oldman. If anybody did it better then Bela lugosi, its gary oldman. Anyway this movie could be really cool in 3d.. kate beckinsale yet again in 3d is always a +
Gary Oldman is a great actor and villain (Kung Fu Panda 2, Book of Eli, etc). What movie did he play Dracula in? Was that Vampires? I didn't see that one with him in there.

I have to agree that while the Dracula's in Blade 3 (Dominic Purcell) and Van Helsing were original, they were a bit too far off from the composed, well behaved and mannered Dracula we know of, thanks to Bela Lugosi and so on.

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Hey....what about Christopher Lee?? For me he will always be the best Dracula!!
Yes, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are a great team. Also see him in the classic Horror Express. That is a great movie that I'd like in stereo 3D. Someone was working on a anaglyph version, but I'd wait for a version compatible with 3DTV.
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