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Originally Posted by Zivouhr View Post
I hope the new Wolverine movie in 2013 is in 3D. He's great as Wolverine.

Gary Oldman is a great actor and villain (Kung Fu Panda 2, Book of Eli, etc). What movie did he play Dracula in? Was that Vampires? I didn't see that one with him in there.

I have to agree that while the Dracula's in Blade 3 (Dominic Purcell) and Van Helsing were original, they were a bit too far off from the composed, well behaved and mannered Dracula we know of, thanks to Bela Lugosi and so on.

Yes, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are a great team. Also see him in the classic Horror Express. That is a great movie that I'd like in stereo 3D. Someone was working on a anaglyph version, but I'd wait for a version compatible with 3DTV.
wow man if u havent seen this movie u gotta watch it !.. francis ford coppola's best work ! and gary old man's acting is the best role he ever played.
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