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Originally Posted by KFelon View Post
I don't believe any US Sony Blu-Ray players can play 50i content.
Damnit. Well, before my return timelimit is up, I want to get one that fits my requirements, preferably from Best Buy.

I have looked at the models in this thread, and they all seem to be out-dated? Of all the models listed on Best Buy, most of them do not even appear on this thread. Is there a newer thread with updated models?

I need a blu ray player that can convert the 50hz to 60hz internally so that I can play blu ray disks and dvd's with the Europe specs. This means I want it to play NTCS and PAL and automatically convert it out to NTCS standards for use with my samsung UN46EH6000 TV.

Also, I need it to be a smart device to stream movies and music.

Ideally I would like it to have a USB port too so I can play movies and stuff from my thumbdrive.

Lastly, I would like to be able to crack it so it is no longer regionally locked.

Does such a device exist?

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