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Originally Posted by dobyblue View Post
Got my Orei BDP-M2 Region Free 3D Blu-ray player from Bombay Electronics on Wednesday night, was $149.99 shipped by calling their sales team and asking them to match the MSRP listed for the player on Orei's website.

Have checked both region locked Blu-ray and DVD movies as well as PAL DVD discs and 1080i50 Blu-ray discs, both region coded and not, and everything passed with flying colors.

If anyone else orders it, it defaults to 480i/576i settings (controlled by whether you have it set to NTSC or PAL) so remember to change to 1080p before you judge the picture quality.
Thats good to hear, I'm thinking about picking one up this Friday. I've been going back and forward a while now with this player. I guess i'm going to pull trigger on it. Thanks to your post it makes me feel better about getting it now.
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