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Originally Posted by Amnalehu View Post
Yes, I am still loving it. It is very easy to adjust the speakers via the auto cal. feature. Music, sports, and just regular tv sounds really nice as well. I ended up mounting the front and center speakers to the wall and not using the stands as they do take up a lot of floor space. I have really high ceilings in my condo but the system does an outstanding job of filling up the room. The system can deliver DTS-HD and Dolby True HD. If you can still find one under $350 I would pick it up.

Edit: I forgot to mention it does have pass through 3D capability if you own a 3D set. It's very nice having one HDMI cable running into my TV instead of 4 also!
Many thanks for your reply. Did you get it for $350?? If so, where?

Also, are you using the rears as wireless?
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