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Originally Posted by akn View Post
Except those are region B, aren't they? I need region A. Not only do I hate limited releases, I hate regions as well.

I can't believe you found Snow White in stores. If any store has it here (which, really, they don't), it's on "backorder" online and may or may not actually be available. I recently ordered Snow White for $20 from an online bookstore, and it was supposed to be on "special order" and would take 3 - 5 weeks to ship. The order was cancelled, and the product price changed to $40, meaning they DID have it in stock, but wanted to sell it higher.

Thus I am stuck at this crappy price even at regular stores as well as ebay. :/
Oh, sorry, yes it's region B,C locked apparently.
Yeah, I thought it was strange as well, but these must be the last ones that have remained in stock
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