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Originally Posted by hometheatergeek View Post
Nice.... "I'm too sexy" Magnaplanars Right Said Fred BlueRayFred. See what I did there. I see they are now used in Widescreen Review's reference HT. I would love to hear your system.
LOL, I'm to sexy for my Maggies.

Originally Posted by Billy13 View Post

Now that's a jam session!

So you enjoying the SVS? How's it sound with those speakers you're runnin'? I'm sure all the acoustic treatment, and the riser help out too ya?
3 hours of my favorite Stones LP's over again a few times can be a life changing experience.

Originally Posted by crazyBLUE View Post
Great looking pics/system

I am sure it sounds amazing so since you turned the ratings off I give it A 10
Thanks for the nice comments. It's been a work in progress for years as most of our systems are. I didn't really turn the ratings off, I just forgot to turn them on.
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