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Originally Posted by Johnny Vinyl View Post
I have both the STEREO and the MONO boxset of that, plus I recently acquired the vinyl Beatles Collection Blue Box BC-13, pressed in Holland. There was a MONO boxset on Red vinyl done in japan, but it's unobtanium price-wise. Last I saw it was $4K+.
Morning John,

I'll keep my eye open for a mono box set if the price has been slashed. I think I did good on the stereo set price wise.

I've have often searched around on ebay for the Mobile Fidelity reissue of the Beatles catalog that they did back in the 90's. A friend of mine downloaded a hi rez file of it that someone had ripped off of their turntable and it actually sounded decent. I've heard that the MOFI box set is very good on vinyl. Prices have been in the neighborhood of $800 and up. A bit too rich for my blood. The Japanese red vinyl version will be at the top of my to acquire list once I win the lottery.
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