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Originally Posted by kjacobs03 View Post
You mean 6 24hr races. 5x on LeMans and 1x Nurburgring.
I do have to say you are wrong about the X1 on Nurburgring. It was smooth as hell went around those corners like a dream. I managed to do a dozen consecuative perfect laps in the 24hr race and all were around the 5min mark. That would be sub 4min on the Nordscliffe
No way would I be doing each multiple times. I'll just stick with the seasonal events (assuming they actually release more of them ) for the exp. It may take several years to get enough to reach level 40 but GT6 won't be out for a while

I agree that it takes the corners nice and fast, but I'm playing with a G25 and it sends a lot of feedback through the wheel, especially when you clip a kerb. Even just driving in the middle of the road it's constantly juddering because the car is so low and stiff

Best time I had on the extended Nurburgring was 5:40 which isn't too bad
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