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Really sad to hear that the XBox One S/X Blu-ray app has become so unreliable at playing 3D Blu-ray discs. I have built a pretty good collection of 3D Blu-rays and this is currently my only Blu-ray player so I guess I will have to find another 3D Blu-ray like others in this thread. I haven't had time to watch a lot of mine but the only one I haven't been able to play was Guardians of the Galaxy. I may try and play all of my 3D Blu-rays, make a list of the ones that don't work, and try to somehow report it to Microsoft. I have seen some of their employees who work on some of the MS apps post in the XBox One sub-reddit so that may be a good place to start. I'm also glad to hear there is somewhat of a workaround by changing the video output to 1080P but that sucks to have to downscale every time someone wants to watch a Blu-ray. If they are going to advertise the XB1 S/X as 3D Blu-ray players then it SHOULD work as long as the discs are in good shape without having to change settings like that.
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