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Originally Posted by jvonl View Post
Wow! Just a tad elitist, aren't you? There have been any number of conversations here where folks have mixed and matched the front stage with excellent results. I use DCM Time Windows for front L/R with Klipsch Reference center and surrounds, and I am quite satisfied. In a perfect world with unlimited funds in a dedicated room perhaps you're correct, but most folks are not in that position, and personally I will never replace the Time Windows. It is also quite possible that upgrading the center will give the OP ideas about what to upgrade next. Since the center handles most of the sound in any surround system, that is the place to start. I love the Klipsch Reference sound and the OP does not need to buy the newest line to get good results. A bit of research and a little time on ebay may give him the platform for the next steps. Perhaps you could be more helpful and less condescending in the future. And to the OP, feel free to ask questions or PM me. Good luck.
Not "elitist"

It is the correct way, all the way back to the ITU standard. If you aren't following the ITU guidelines, you are doing it wrong.

Time Windows without a DCM SurroundScape Center?

My living room set up is...

DCM TF600, 350, KX(6 I think) wides with a SurroundScape.

So yes, knowing the OP's LR speakers would help. Maybe he has individually sold speakers. Which would lend the advice to...

Simply buy a 3rd one.

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