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I need some input. I just ordered a 75Ē Sony 4K TV a few days ago to replace my 61Ē DLP RPTV. Because of the size of the new TV, Iím going to have to push my mains out more. My problem is, I donít have sufficient enough space to do so. My TV, right main, and one of my subs will literally be touching one another. Because of this, I wonít even be able to toe my mains in to the listening position.

My question is, do I need to have a sub up front? Will I encounter any performance issues if I move it to the back with my other sub and place it in the opposite corner? If Iím able to put both of my subs in the back, that would free up a lot of much needed space up front. My subs are 17Ē wide. Iíve tried doing a side wall placement with my subs before when I first set it up, but the subs didnít perform as well as they do in the corners. My room is roughly 11í x 13í.
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