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Default SACD bass management question

Hey all,

I have been casually building a very small collection of SACDs for the past couple years. All have been multichannel discs. Well, I finally picked up the "Dances With Wolves" SACD, and it is only in stereo.

My problem is this: I don't have a good stereo setup. I have a middle-of-the line surround system which probably doesn't take full advantage of SACD, but I can hear the improvement. Anyway, my stereo mains only go down to about 50Hz, so I am losing a lot of bass information by not having a separate LFE channel, but I don't want to apply any processing to the signal within my receiver because I've tried it and it sounds like a regular CD.

Any suggestions on how to hook my player's SACD outs to my receiver to get my subwoofer working in tandem with my stereo mains? I don't mind having to unplug wires and then move them back to watch movies.

Here's my setup:

Samsung DVD-HD841 (SACD player)
Onkyo HT-S790 (Receiver/speaker package)

Any tips are greatly appreciated....

EDIT: I currently have the 5.1 channel multichannel outs from the SACD player connected to the analog multichannel inputs on the Receiver. I have tried running them into the stereo AUX inputs on the receiver and applying processing; like I said, it sounds much worse.
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